stay cool with face mask in summer

Face Mask has now become mandatory attire to add to your existing lifestyle. It is the new normal, and there is no escape to it! The Pandemic got it all started, and now precautionary measures are quite important for people to respect the safety concerns of all.

The governments did propose the idea of safety, with the decision of making people wear masks. But, people are not comfortable wearing a mask throughout the day. It seems suffocating, and the scorching heat of summer makes it impossible for people to wear masks while the face is sweating.

Best Tips to Stay Cool While Wearing a Face Mask in Summer

As it is a concern for safety, it is not possible to eradicate masks for the sake of summers. But, there are a few ways using which you can definitely stay or feel cooler while wearing those life-saving masks throughout the day. Hence, we’re here to help and guide you with a few remedies.

1. Pick the Right Mask

First things first! It is important for you to pick the right set of masks for your use during these unpredictable times. CDC recommends people use masks that are made up of multiple fabric layers. Moreover, people can make their own masks at home by keeping in mind these important considerations. The multi-layered fabric is important for blocking the droplets that exit from your mouth or nose.

Tight woven cotton masks are considered to be soft and breathable, which won’t make you feel suffocated while you work under the sun. But, for better results, you must pick the masks that are light in color to lower down the absorption of heat. Dark-colored masks are not recommended for summers, as they absorb an unbearable amount of heat.

2. Carry More than One Face Mask

For your information, the best way to beat the heat without the urge to remove the mask from your face is to keep more than one face mask with you. Carry a number of masks, depending upon the time you have to spend out in the sun. It will help you swap or change your mask every time one gets sweaty, or the mask becomes unhygienic.

As per the medical experts, the wetness of the mask reduces its capability of protection and makes it uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, it is important for you to carry a second and third mask with you, not just for the sake of staying cool under it but also to ensure that the protection aspects are not hampered.

3. Stay Hydrated at all Times

It is now a common problem that people are skipping their water drinking habits, as they are constantly wearing a face mask in summer. This has to be stopped! It is because staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay cool from within the body.

Therefore, whenever you feel thirsty, or are sweating, do not hesitate to drink water. Make it a habit to carry a bottle of water wherever you go throughout the summer days. Take sips at every fixed interval.

4. You can Take Breaks

If it feels good to take breaks from wearing your face mask for few minutes throughout the day, you definitely can! But, before you do that, it is very crucial for you to distance yourself from public places and surrounding people. When you are at a distance from all the people around you, take off the face mask for a couple of minutes, drink water, wash your face, and then put on the mask to continue with your work.

You can take break, but only if you are not hampering the safety of people around you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to stay safe and ensure that people around you are safe as well. Do not let go of your masks in crowded places, and if you see someone else violating it, guide them not to do it!

5. Avoid Going out in Hottest Hours (If not Necessary)

If by any chance it is possible not to move out in the hottest hours of the summer days, then consider staying at home. It is because, irrespective of whatever you do or try, masks are uncomfortable to some extent, yet they are unavoidable. But, the amount of protection it provides to help you stay safe in the second wave of coronavirus is also undeniable.

Therefore, the best way to stay cool in summer with the routine of face masks being imposed upon people is to stay at home during the hottest hours. But, if you have to go to work, and it is unavoidable, then follow the four other methods highlighted above to keep yourself cool.

Final Words

So, these are the five ways, adapting which you can try and stay cool with your face mask on during summers. Due to the second wave of Covid in India, it is very important to wear a face mask to stay safe. But summers make it really difficult for people to handle masks, along with the tight work schedule. Therefore, this article intends to put up small informative assistance for you to beat this heat problem to some extent.

You can follow the above tips to stay cool and comfortable while wearing a face mask in summer. These tips won’t let the mask bother you or cause any skin allergy. Follow these tips and live a comfortable life with a face mask!


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