black fugus infection

Want to know about the deadly Black Fungus infection that has come like a storm and the cases are increasing day by day? We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deep to understand the Black Fungus symptoms and treatment!

COVID 19 is now at an unstoppable stage, as the number of cases and death rate is increasing. While the doctors were finding a definite cure to treat COVID-19 second wave, a new wave of black fungus took over. Luckily, this is a known disease and treatment is readily available for this. But, the strange thing is that black fungus cases are coming up mostly from the COVID positive patients or recovering patients.

In the beginning, it was treated as a mysterious infection that is capable of taking lives and causes much more damage to the body. With ample amount of research, the doctors came to know that this black fungus is named mucormycosis. As of now, India has reported over 600 cases of black fungus.

Black Fungus and COVID-19

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is known to be one of the biggest threats at the moment, after COVID. The documented cases of black fungus are less to date, but leaving it unchecked can create another massive problem around the country. Therefore, ICMR has proposed guidelines to state that this black fungus infection might hamper the recovery potential of COVID patients and can be fatal in the coming times if proper precaution and care are not taken right now.

The presence of mucor molds in the air, usually released by plants or soil, is the cause of these infectious complications. When patients breathe in these molds, the infection or fungus spreads to the lungs, chest area, and sinus cavities. Diabetes COVID patients are at high risk of getting this black fungus disease.

And, the people who are getting steroid treatment for COVID recovery are also prone to mucormycosis. The exact link of COVID with black fungus is yet to be unveiled. The doctors are currently working on determining the root cause of it, on knowing why COVID patients are the only ones now to experience this rare black fungus infection.

Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection (Mucormycosis)

There is less evidence of determining the reason behind COVID patients experiencing this function. But, the symptoms are the same in general as that of common causes of black fungus infection. It is important for you to get an idea of these symptoms, to get medical attention as soon as possible without much delay. The black fungus symptoms include:

1. Persistent Headaches

Once the molds are inhaled by ill or COVID patients, it affects the sinus cavities, brain, and nerves. Therefore, there is a high chance that the patient might experience severe pain or headaches. You will know that this is something serious when no balms or medicines would work on curing it.

2. Impairment of Vision

Vision distortion is also a crucial warning or symptom of black fungus. When this fungus grows within the body, it spreads really very fast and distorts the vision. Apart from that, the patient might also experience swelling in one of the eyes with poor vision. The eyes will be bloodshot red for a long time, in cases of black fungus.

3. Swelling in Cheeks or Different Parts of the Face

Swelling or local pain on cheeks or one-sided pain over the face are now prominent symptoms of black fungus. With swelling, this fungus can also affect the overall skin health of the patient and gives rise to symptoms like necrosis.

4. Confused Mental State

When inhaled, this virus enters the brain, and it gives rise to mental problems such as memory loss, neurological impairment, delirium, and others. These are the probable symptoms of black fungus infection in COVID patients. If you are observing an altered state of mind, then you need to see your doctor right away.

5. Black Discoloration of Nose Bridge

Face distortion is very common with black fungus and is the primary symptom of this infection. Black patches might start to build upon the nose bridge. If you observe this more prominently, get in touch with your doctor right away.

Treatment of Black Fungus Infection or Mucormycosis

For ideal black fungus treatment, the blood glucose level of COVID recovered or discharged patients is to be monitored frequently. During the oxygen therapy, clean & sterile water is to be used for the humidifiers. Along with that, the antifungal and antibiotic medications should be consumed correctly and on time.

So far, in the pursuit of finding cheaper and effective medications for the black fungus, the doctors say that this disease can be controlled by regulating the diabetic condition. It means, by controlling diabetes, you can get rid of black fungus disease to some extent. With that, you will also have to discontinue immunomodulation medications or drugs, get surgical debridement done for removing necrotic materials, and reduce the consumption of steroids.

Some other medical treatments include Amphotericin B infusion and antifungal therapy for at least six weeks after getting diagnosed. Along with that, the patient is also monitored with radio imaging techniques for keeping an eye on the disease progression.

Bottom Line

COVID patients have a low immunity level and thus the Black Fungus cases are the COVID patients or the recovered COVID patients. It is important to know about the Black Fungus symptoms so they can be recognized in the earlier stages and the proper Black Fungus treatment can be taken.

Above are the symptoms and possible treatment options being adapted by the doctors to deal with black fungus COVID conditions. The COVID patients who are recovering or discharged are under critical monitoring for this infection. Soon, the medical experts will find its roots to stop its spread. Until then, stay safe and protect yourself!


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