makeup guide for beginners

Are you struggling to get a perfect makeup look? Well, It’s not so easy and you must know a number of things from your skin tone to the order of product applications. But don’t worry, I’ve made it simple for you and this makeup guide for beginners covers everything you need to know.

Every woman loves doing makeup. The power of makeup can boost your confidence and help you face the world. A skillful makeup application will help you achieve a stunning look. There is an order in which you should apply makeup to achieve the best result.

Do you stuck with these common concerns – Which beauty products to be applied first? How to apply matte lipstick without getting that chapped look? How to choose the right products as per your skin tone? What to do to make your makeup last all day long?

Well!! A few years ago, I was just like you. Totally confused!! But not anymore.

Being a makeup enthusiast, today I have answers to all these questions and so I’m sharing a foolproof makeup guide for beginners that will give you a perfect look. Keep scrolling for the ultimate makeup guide for beginners that will make you a pro in no time.

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Ultimate Makeup Guide for Beginners  (Step by Step)

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve mastered your everyday makeup look, we have got you covered. Buckle up, and let’s start this makeup basics for beginners guide.

1. Prep Your Skin for Makeup

It is vital to follow a thorough skincare routine to get a naturally smooth and flawless makeup look. This healthy skincare routine keeps the skin healthy and prevents your makeup from looking cakey.

face cleansing

  • Start with cleansing your face with a gentle and effective cleanser to get rid of oil, dirt, and other impurities.
  • The next step is using a toner that balances the pH levels of your skin. An alcohol-free toner tightens your pores and improves skin texture.
  • You can also use a sheet mask to give your skin a good amount of hydration. You can also use a lightweight serum that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Serums help to moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles, and add shine to dull skin.
  • Now moisturize your face with a daytime cream to prevent the makeup from drying your skin. Never forget to wear sunscreen with SPF 40 or above (even if it’s a cloudy day).

2. Apply a Primer

To create a good base for your foundation and make your makeup last longer, make sure you apply a primer. Primers fill the fine lines and open pores of your face making your skin texture smooth and even.

apply primer

Take a small amount onto your fingertips, makeup brush, or sponge, and spread evenly on your face. Choose a primer that suits your skin type, like if you have oily skin, always pick a matte finish primer.

3. Use a Foundation

The next step is to pick a shade of foundation that is closest to your actual skin tone. The foundation helps to even out your complexion, smooth over flaws, and cover up blemishes, acne scars. Start from the center of your face and blend the foundation outwards.

apply foundation

If you are looking for a light coverage look, use your fingers or brush to apply foundation and for a full-coverage look, opt for a beauty blender. If your foundation is buildable, build it up for a better finish.

4. Cover Your Dark Spot with a Concealer

The next step in this makeup guide for beginners is to conceal all the dark areas of your face, especially dark circles around the eyes and dark areas around the mouth. As a makeup enthusiast, I always ask people to pick a shade that is one or two shade lighter than your skin tone. apply concealer

Apply concealer with a damp sponge or makeup brush and gently blend it evenly. Choosing the right shade of concealer helps to even out the skin and cover skin imperfections. You should use an orange concealer/ color corrector to cover undereye dark circles, a green concealer to cover skin redness, and a purple concealer to cover yellowish dullness.

5. Set using Loose Powder

Want a glam face that lasts all day? Using a setting powder set your makeup, smooth fine lines, and blurs pores. But applying loose powder can be a little tricky as you don’t want to end up having a cakey makeup look. Use a large, fluffy powder brush and start dusting the areas where you applied the concealer to keep sweat away.

apply loose powder

You can skip other areas such as cheeks but focus on T-zone and under-eye areas. As a beginner, you can also choose compact powder to set your foundation; choose a compact shade that compliments your skin tone and the foundation.

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6. Contour Your Face

The right contouring and highlighting give your face a perfect shape. To contour your face, use an angled brush and focus on the areas you want to create dimension. Start with contouring your jawline, then on the sides of your nose, under the cheekbones, and around your hairline.

highlight and contour

Contour must be few shades darker than your skin tone, while the highlighter is always lighter than your skin tone. You can use your normal concealer as a highlighter on under eyes, below the brow bone, on the center of the forehead, chin, and side areas.

7. Time for Blush and Highlighter

Time to add a bit of glam!! When it comes to blush, try to pick a shade that suits your natural skin tone. Use a brush to apply blush to create a subtle and natural-looking glow. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and move your applicator in circular motions to blend upwards towards your temples to give your face a lift.

apply blush

Apply a highlighter on the face that is naturally hit by the sun. Dip your brush in the powder and tap to remove excess powder. Now add a highlighter above cheekbones, on the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, on the upper lip, chin, and blend it well.

8. Define Your Eyebrows and Apply Eyeshadow

Your eyebrows deserve attention. So, enhance your natural brow shape. Use a spoolie brush to comb up your brow and lightly stroke with an eyebrow pencil while filling out your eyebrows. You can also use brow powders or gels.

eyebrow and eyeshadow

Using a pencil can give your eyebrow the most natural look. Now, when it comes to eyeshadow, the choice is yours. You can create a natural makeup look or a smokey eye look for a date night.

9. Finish Your Eye Look with Kajal, Eyeliner, and Mascara

I never skip my eyeliner and mascara to create the perfect glam. Since you have applied your eyeshadow, you can move on to your kajal and eyeliner. You can opt for liquid liners, or gel liners, or even use kajal to complete your eye makeup.

mascara application

Applying eyeliner can be troublesome for a beginner as well as a pro. Always start by outlining the shape you want for your look, and then make it bold as much you want. Apply mascara or false eyelashes to complete your eye makeup.

10. Add Lip Color

If you have chapped or dry lips, prep your lips with a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin. Apply a lip balm and move to the lip color. Fill your lips with your lip liner. It will make your lips look fuller and help your lipstick slide easily. Now apply any lipstick of your choice, and your perfect makeup look is ready.

apply a lipstick

Wait, Wait!! Don’t forget to use a setting spray over your face at the end and avoid spraying on your eyeshadow. Viola!! Your makeup is complete.

Final Words

When I started my makeup journey, it took me a lot of practice and professional advice to get along. As you start practicing more, you will understand which products suit your skin type, your face shape, or where to invest by various hit and trial. You will get to know a lot from this step-by-step makeup guide for beginners.

Keep these steps in mind to get that perfect makeup look. You can also invest in a makeup class from a professional makeup artist. Or simply keep reading blogs and checking youtube makeup tutorials to become a makeup pro!

Hope this makeup guide for beginners helped you to start doing makeup like a pro. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to write in the comment section below, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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