Best Tips to Boost Immunity

With the increasing stress due to the Covid-19 second wave, it has become highly important to boost the immunity to fight against coronavirus. Having a strong immune system offers the best protection against the deadly virus. Vitamin C, as you can read everywhere, is one of the most effective things to boost the immunity of your body to prevent yourself from coronavirus. You can eat citrus fruits or can directly take Vitamin C tablets.

But is it enough? No, it’s not! You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle by changing some of your food and regular habits. You need to add healthy and immunity booster food to your diet. Plus, you need to follow some tips and adapt a few things in your daily life. All these things will help you boost your immunity and stay safe during this pandemic.

Best Tips to Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus

Having a strong immunity system is the only way to stay safe from coronavirus. If you are on the lookout for ways to boost immunity, here are 10 tips that can help you. Let’s get ahead!

1. Drink Sufficient Water

Drinking sufficient water throughout the day and keeping your body hydrated is one of the best ways to boost immunity. Even if you are someone who drinks very little water every day, start drinking more water to keep the virus away and stay healthy. Consider drinking lukewarm water as it is more effective in fighting infections in comparison to normal water.

2. Get Proper Sleep

Covid-19 has significantly impacted the sleep pattern of a number of people. While some people are unable to sleep properly due to stress, others fall short of sleep due to workload. Not getting enough sleep can affect your immune system. Make sure to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day in order to boost your immunity. Moreover, make it a habit to say a NO to screen 2 hours before you go to bed for better sleep.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

Having food that boost immunity is important in these crucial pandemic times. You may have a lot of cravings to eat spicy fast foods, but try sticking to a healthy diet only. A healthy diet can help in improving your immunity and reducing the risk of being affected by the virus. Try adding more healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other foods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Also, try avoiding the intake of added sugar.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a must if you really want to boost immunity. While exercising gives short-term stress to your body, it will make you more resilient and stronger in the long run. It improves your immune cells and helps in killing pathogens. Doing high-intensity exercises or aerobic activities such as running will boost your immune system. Even if you can exercise for a very short time, make sure you do. In addition to exercises, practicing yoga asanas and doing pranayama as a part of your daily routine can have a positive impact on your health.

5. Use Spices in Food

Are you a lover of authentic spices? If yes, you would definitely enjoy following this tip to stay safe in second wave of covid 19. Spices are a great immunity booster. Using spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, and garlic regularly while cooking can increase the immunity in your body. Apart from using the spices in your meals, you can also consume them in various other ways. For instance, you can drink a glass of turmeric milk every day or enjoy a cup of ginger tea in the evening. In whatever form you like, make sure to add spices to your food.

6. Drink Kadha

Kadha or herbal tea has become a popular drink in every home since the outbreak of the Coronavirus to boost immunity. The frequency of its consumption has increased even more after the Covid-19 second wave has hit. If you have still not started drinking kadha, make sure to drink it once or twice a day. It is mainly prepared with spices like cinnamon, basil, raisin, black pepper, and dry ginger. All these spices are well-known to boost immunity the best. Even if you do not like the taste, consider it as a medication and drink in a go.

7. Eat Ayurveda – Chyawanprash

Ayurveda – Chyawanprash is an excellent immunity booster for corona. As it is prepared from natural herbs with great medicinal properties, chyawanprash can ensure a healthier body. Some of the key ingredients include Amla, Pippali, Yastimadhu, and Bilya. All these ingredients help in increasing the ability of your body to fight against different bacteria and diseases better. Moreover, chyawanprash is also a rich source of antioxidants and aid in strengthening your body. With regular intake, you can be assured of the effective purification of your blood and prevention against infections.

8. Apply Ghee to Nostrils

This is one of the tips to boost immunity that may come as a surprising fact for you. But yes, applying ghee to your nostrils can actually help in improving your immunity system. It is quite a simple process but will provide you with effective outcomes. All you need to do is take some ghee or sesame oil and apply it to both your nostrils. You can do this twice a day – once in the morning and later in the evening. It will boost your immunity and offer you better protection against the Coronavirus.

9. Take Samshamani Vati

Samshamani Vati is one of the popular medications that people are advised to take in order to boost immunity and fight Covid-19 better. You can take the tablet two times a day and continue it for a duration of 15 days. However, if you want to continue taking the tablet, make sure to consult the ayurvedic medical practitioners and take their advice. This will help you in avoiding any negative impact on your health.

10. Use Unani Ingredients

Adding more of the Unani ingredients to your daily diet can help boost immunity and increase protection during the Covid second wave in India. Wondering what are Unani ingredients now? Well, it is the ingredients such as sabudana or tapioca pearls, khajoor or dates, barley, moong dal, and anjeer or fig. You can make any item of your choice using these ingredients and enjoy good health. You can also try making soups of the different seasonal vegetables and strengthen your immunity system.

Follow These Tips to Boost Immunity!

Now that you are well aware of the ways to boost immunity to fight the Covid-19 second wave, it’s time to implement the tips. To panic is not the solution to deal with the current situation. Instead, you must take the right steps and follow the appropriate measures to survive the pandemic.

So, follow these tips (you can follow some of these or all) and make your immunity system strong enough to prevent you from the coronavirus. Boost your immunity and stay healthy!


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