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Are you the one who watches makeup tutorials to look glam at your office or home? Frankly, it has taken months for me to learn how to contour my face or learn about which colors suit my face, or how to select my makeup products. With many years as a makeup enthusiast, now I understand that we can use a makeup product in different ways and save money. In this article, I am sharing 15 super easy and important makeup tips and tricks that will take you from beginner to pro-level.

Why struggle with applying concealer, winged eyeliners, contour, or applying a base when using these simple makeup tips can make you a pro. You can always take benefits from these tips and tricks. My goal is to give you accurate information based on things I’ve learned over the past few years. So, keep scrolling to know about the beginner makeup guide.

Struggling with the order of application of the makeup products? Go through our ultimate, step-by-step makeup guide for beginners to become a pro!

Top 15 Beginner Makeup Tips and Tricks

Find the product that matches your skin type and skin tone, and never be afraid to do experiments with makeup. If you want to achieve a flawless makeup look, keep scrolling and check out this beginner makeup guide where I’m sharing my all-time favorite makeup tips and tricks.

1. Know Your Skin Type and Skin Tone

First Thing First! For your makeup to look flawless and last all day long, it is necessary to know your skin type. There are different kinds of makeup products suitable for different skin types. So, before spending your hard-earned money to build your makeup collection, understand your skin type. Knowing your skin tone and undertone is equally important. Pick your primer, foundation, and other makeup products depending on your skin.

skin type

2. Don’t Skip Cleansing Your Face

It is essential to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Preparing your skin makes your makeup stay evenly. It is most helpful to apply makeup to freshly clean skin. Wash your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Use an alcohol-free toner and moisturize your skin before doing makeup. You can also apply a sheet mask for instant hydration and vitamin c serum for a natural glow before makeup.

face cleansing

3. Make Sure You Choose the Appropriate Primer

Whether you use gel-based or creamy primer, it must share the same base as your foundation. If your primer does not complement the foundation base, it will slide off your face and thus, making it difficult to blend. Choose primer as per your skin type and skin issues. Like if you have open pores, your primer must be able to minimize the appearance of pores and make your makeup long-lasting.

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4. Blend Your Foundation Evenly

It is very important to blend your foundation perfectly to get a smooth and natural finish. If the foundation is blended well, your makeup will not look cakey or patchy. Always try to apply foundation before concealer and use a foundation brush or beauty blender to get full coverage. If you want light coverage, you can use your fingers. Build up your foundation only if it gives a natural finish on the second application.

blend foundation

5. Exfoliate Your Lips before Applying Lipsticks

While applying lipstick, it is essential to make your lips look smooth. Try a gentle lip scrub or even simple DIYs to exfoliate your dry skin and make it soft and supple. It is also an excellent makeup tip for older women. But remember not to over scrub your lips. Just once or twice a week is enough, over scrubbing could make your lips even drier.

exfoliate lips

6. Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

To make sure your lipsticks look perfect all day long, you should prefer to use transfer-proof and smudge-proof lipstick. In case, you don’t have long-lasting lipstick, follow this simple tissue and powder lipstick hack. Just hold a tissue over your mouth, then dab the translucent powder over the top to set the color. It will make your lipstick last longer than usual. It is also a good hack if you want to make your glossy lipstick look matte.

lipstick hack

7. Highlight the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

I strongly recommend you highlight your inner corner of the eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter and enlarged. It is a makeup tip for beginners that I regret not knowing in my early years of doing makeup. You can also use white kajal as a highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes. Also, you can use white kajal on your lower eyelid to give the effect of bigger eyes.

makeup tip

8. Warm Up Your Pencil Kajal/Liner

For your pencil kajal or liner to blend better, I would suggest you warm it up. To do so, hold the top of your liner under the flame for a second and let it cool. It will convert your pencil liner into a DIY gel liner. Apply it evenly and get a smooth and creamy finish. It is a great makeup tip for dry skin types and it makes the color of your kajal or liner brighter and darker.

eyeliner hack

9. Use Lip Liner to Fill Your Lips

No, using a lip liner is not an outdated tip! I started using this trick a few months back, and it looks great. Before you apply your lipstick, fill your lips completely with your lip liner to make your lips line more perfectly. It will not make your lip color fade, as lip liners are stickier and drier than your lipsticks.


10. Define Your Eyebrows Perfectly

Quickly comb up your eyebrows with a spoolie brush. Make sure you lightly stroke with an eyebrow pencil while filling out your eyebrows. It will make your eyebrows look natural. Prefer brown or grey eyebrow pencil or powder to give your eyebrows a natural finish. You can also use a highlighter on and below your brow bone to give an instant lift in the eyes.

eyebrow shape

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11. Don’t Struggle with Winged Eyeliners

Let me tell you, I always used to struggle while doing a winged eyeliner look. But Not Anymore!! Outline the eye shape you want for your eye look, and then try filling it in. Extend a thin line beyond your lower lash line to create a winged liner. Then, make it bold from the endpoint of your eye to your upper lash line. It is a simple eye makeup tip that everyone must try.

winged eyeliner

12. Use a Spoon As a Mascara Shield

Do not ruin your perfect eyeshadow look while applying mascara. Hold the back of your spoon against your lashes and apply mascara. The excess will remain on the back of the spoon rather than smudging your eyeshadow. Try it now and thank me later for this exceptional makeup tip for beginners.

spoon mascara shield

13. Revive Mascara with Saline Solution

I recommend you to use a tube of mascara within its shelf life. Beyond that, it can collect bacteria and lead to various eye infections. If your mascara dries up before that time, don’t throw it but use this simple hack. Add 3-4 drops of saline solution into the tube to make its consistency smooth and even. Or simply put your mascara in hot water for 5 minutes and it will become thinner. It will revive your mascara and you can move ahead to achieve your eyelash goals.

mascara revive

14. Use a Bobby Pin to Apply Eyelash Glue

I see people struggling a lot while applying eyelash glue which makes their lashes look clumsy. In this makeup guide for beginners, I must share the hack of using the tip of a bobby pin to apply glue to the lash band evenly. Wait for a few seconds before applying the false eyelashes to the glue. To remove eyelashes, you just carefully pull them from the outer to the inner corner of the eyes.


15. Hassle-Free Smokey Eyes

For a quick smokey eye look, apply kajal on your upper lash line and then smudge it in an upward and outward direction. Use concealer to shape it evenly and remove extra kajal. You can use a mix of black and brown kajal or eyeshadow for the pro look. In the end, apply eyeliner and your smokey eye for a night out is good to go. You can also use kohl on the lower lash line and waterline for a more dramatic look.

smokey eyes

Try these Makeup Tips and Become a Pro!

Becoming a pro at doing makeup requires a lot of practice. You can achieve it by using these easy and all-time favorite makeup tips and tricks. Start investing in different makeup tools and buying good products for your makeup to last longer. Remember sleeping with makeup on is not a good idea.

Rather than a makeup tip, it’s one of the best skincare tips but I thought to mention here as skincare comes first than makeup. Makeup can trap dirt and pollutants inside the skin and increases free radicals that cause premature aging, DNA mutations, and collagen degradation. So, don’t ever forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. Also, clean your makeup tools from time to time to keep them clean and your skin healthy!

Hope these quick makeup tips and tricks will help you in your everyday and party makeup. If you’re using any other makeup hack that works for you the best, please share that in the comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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