Coronavirus Disease Myths vs. facts

With 1,015877 infected people and 53,218 death, coronavirus has changed our lives drastically. Researches are yet to find preventive measures and proper treatment. And on top of everything, the internet is bombarded with lots of misinformation.

From drinking bat soup to eating garlic, you will find all sorts of hoax messages being circulated. The truth is scientists have worked hard on the coronavirus vaccine and brought that, and now it’s your responsibility to take the vaccine. For those who are still reading and believing certain remedies to be accurate, this article is for you.

Coronavirus Myths and Facts

Everyone is in a panic state, but you need to know about the covid19 myths and facts. It will keep you aware about the facts and clear your doubts about covid 19 myths. Below you will find all the myths and facts surrounding Covid-19 disease.

Myth 1: Coronavirus can’t survive in cold and snow weather

Fact: This is a myth. As per the World Health Organization, the normal body temperature of the human body remains between 36.5 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius. No matter how cold the weather is, if you get infected with the virus, you will become infected.

Myth 2: By taking Vitamin C supplements, you can prevent Covid19 disease.

Fact: It is still not proven that Vitamin C can prevent your body from catching Covid19 disease. Yes, vitamin C is good for the immune system, but researches haven’t stated anything regarding this.

Myth 3: The virus can infect you if a mosquito bites you.

Fact: To date, there is no evidence to prove that you can get infected by corona through mosquito bites. You can catch the virus through droplets. Droplets when someone coughs or nose discharge. If you come in contact with someone infected, your job is to sanitize yourself. That’s the best way to prevent infection. Wash your hands carefully with soap and water. Also, stay away from public places or avoid meeting people who cough and sneezes.

Myth 4: The virus can be destroyed by drinking silver.

Fact: There was a false claim made by an American televangelist that if you drink colloidal silver, the germs inside can be killed. However, the truth is, there is no evidence or proof that it actually kills coronavirus or boosts your immune system. Drinking silver can cause severe damage to your kidneys.

Myth 5: Kids are safe from Covid 19

Fact: Initially, when the virus started infecting people, there were very fewer reports about children getting infected by the disease. But children are as vulnerable as adults.

Myth 6: Covid 19 vaccine is not good

Fact: Covid 19 vaccine is available now for 18+ people. Coronavirus fact for this one is that scientists have worked hard to come up with a vaccine. And the vaccines like CoviShield, CoVaxin, and Sputnik, all are safe and you should take one of these vaccines.

Myth 7: Drinking water is the best way to wash out corvid19 from your system

Fact: Normally, drinking water regularly and keeping yourself hydrated is right for your overall body. It is also useful for all types of respiratory problems. There is no evidence that drinking water after every fifteen minutes can wash down the virus right from your throat straight to your stomach. Finally, the acid killing the virus. There is no evidence to prove it.

Myth 8: Using an ultraviolet disinfection lamp can kill the Covid19 virus.

Fact: This is one of the coronavirus myths that is getting circulated all over social media. Don’t disinfect your hands by using UV lamps. Use hand sanitizer with a higher content of alcohol or wash your hands repeatedly. UV rays can cause skin irritation.

Myth 9: Holding your breath for 10 seconds will keep your healthy

Fact: This trick works for those who have underlying and severe lung problems. The trick can help you identify if you have lung problems. But it will not help you identify if you have coronavirus or not. The best thing to do is to visit your local health center and get yourself tested.

Myth 10: Coronavirus can’t survive in hot weather

Fact: Coronavirus has infected people who are in Australia and Singapore. This myth is based on MERS and SARS epidemic.

Myth 11: Eating garlic will keep corona away

Fact: Garlic is good for your health, in general, because it has antimicrobial properties. However, no proof yet.

Myth 12: Take a hot bath, and you are safe from coronavirus

Fact: No matter how warm the water is, your average body temperature will always remain 36.5 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees. Hence, taking a hot shower won’t kill the virus that is already there.

Final Words

These are some coronavirus myths and facts that you should know about. Learn about the facts, and if you see symptoms, go and see a doctor. Get yourself tested, maintain social distancing, and also wash your hands regularly.


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