March 4, 2024
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Yoga for Better Immunity
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has severely affected the entire country. Following this condition, people are now taking good care of their health to keep themselves protected from this virus as well as normal cold and flu. In such a situation, everyone should practice good hygiene. Well, some health issues can be prevented if you have a strong immunity system. So,...
Global Handwashing Day
Global Handwashing Day is celebrated every October 15th. However, not many people know about this cause and why we celebrate it throughout the world? Soon after the pandemic hit us, we started to hear about world handwashing day. But the fact is, it has been going on since 2008. This is why it is time to talk about world hand wash day and its...
Coronavirus Disease Myths vs. facts
With 1,015877 infected people and 53,218 death, coronavirus has changed our lives drastically. Researches are yet to find preventive measures and proper treatment. And on top of everything, the internet is bombarded with lots of misinformation. From drinking bat soup to eating garlic, you will find all sorts of hoax messages being circulated. The truth is scientists have worked hard...
Coronavirus All you need to know about symptoms and risks
At the beginning of 2020, all the news channels and social media posts talked about Coronavirus. A virus whose epicenter is Wuhan’s wet market, China, soon became a global crisis. Yes, no one was prepared for it. And no one thought it will reach far-flung countries like the Philippines and the United States of America. This virus was officially named...
health benefits of almond oil
Cucumber is a healthy snack and an edible fruit that has numerous health benefits such as maintains body weight, makes skin clear, keeps the body hydrated, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the top health benefits of cucumber.  Botanically speaking, a cucumber is definitely a fruit. It is a fleshy product of a cucumber flower that also contains seeds....

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